Self Journalist - Yardsellr Fess up, Hundreds know. We will not go away.

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Hundreds/Thousands know the real.

They don't show up in BBB because Yard is not accredited with them. These are silent secrets and memories of destruction.

Don't believe me?

Well lets just say I am a journalist friend of Gary Long. I've been along for the ride and even used his I.D account and computer to collect evidence of these situations so Gary would have a third party to witness the actions.

This was in Feburary when he thought they would be over soon.

Since then they cont for another 4 months, in which many people were brought in to witness.

Major Media Jeff Goldberg Chicago NBC News to name one of them. Hundreds of users reported as well as documented the situations in real time for Gary most in fact left the moment they saw the treatment unfold.

With no response in regards to any of the issues or problems at hand with and without them accepting responsibilities as a company should we have no choice but to publicize the truth across the Media on the Web, as well as any Media who wants to hear the truth in the general population of America.

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